University studies now include artificial intelligence as a subject

A new degree course is set to begin in Pavia and Milan. Goal: educate future AI specialists via a multi-faceted educational and interdisciplinary approach. Discussion with Giampaolo Azzoni, vice rector of Pavia University

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When technology becomes the best friend of people with disabilities

Especially during the last year, with the pandemic and lockdown, people have felt the need to have every possible kind of help at home. This also applies to keeping in touch with the outside world and continuing to work

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Here’s how artificial intelligence (AI) can promote a model of sustainable development

A wise use of the data and algorithms available nowadays offers the opportunity to implement systemic changes, while measuring and restricting the environmental and social impacts of economic activities and reducing waste and negative external factors.

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The future is on social media: five new digital jobs on the rise

Increasingly prevalent in every aspect of our lives, social networks are shaping lots of new roles: from Gif designers to TikTok managers, these are just some of the careers of the future

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Telemedicina, comunicazione digitale e AI: la rivoluzione sanitaria del Covid19

Il Coronavirus è stato insieme uno stress test e un incentivo all'innovazione per il servizio sanitario italiano accelerando la transizione verso un modello di Connected Care. Tutti i dati della ricerca dell'Osservatorio Innovazione Digitale in Sanità della School of Management del Politecnico di Milano

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Telemedicine, digital communications and AI: the Covid-19 healthcare revolution

For Italy's national health service, the coronavirus crisis was not only a stress test but also an incentive to innovate and fast-track a Connected Care model. Here are all the data from the Digital Innovation Observatory on Healthcare of the School of Management at Milan Polytechnic.

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éric Sadin: beware of anti-human technology and the data-driven society

éric Sadin is a writer best known for his research on digital technologies and their impact. A controversial position that he voiced at the The Frame: Human Innovation conference held by Kpmg and Corriere della Sera. We will be less called to give instructions to machines and more so to receive them. This is how artificial intelligence undermines our right to self-determine

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Descalzi (Eni): Innovation is an act of faith

Often when we think about innovation we think of new, futuristic technologies. That's not the case. Those are simply tools. True innovation happens through ideas: imagining something you can't see, thinking of something you don't have. An interview with the CEO of the Italian energy company

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