How the Chinese economy will fare in the Year of the Tiger

In the final months of 2021, GDP growth in the Chinese economy slackened. Beijing's relationship with large technology companies, but also the ageing population, will play a role in 2022.

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Minimum wage, the effects on employment and Italy’s position

The work of Card, Angrist and Imbens charted an important crossroads for the sector, demonstrating that raising the wage floor does not lead to the employment disasters of which classical economic theory speaks.

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Inflation and the threat of a wage-price spiral, according to Roberto Perotti

Prices of goods and services are generally rising in Italy, Europe and many developed countries. The Bocconi economist helps explain why the resulting wage increases are not necessarily good news.

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Pandemia e mondo del lavoro: 8 lezioni chiave in un webinar e in un report

Come si sono mossi i Governi per proteggere il mercato del lavoro di fronte alla pandemia? Quali policy sono risultate efficaci per contrastare la crisi economica e occupazionale? (...)

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Fintech, how digital is changing the financial marketplace

Technology is in the midst of transforming our economic system, introducing new currencies, new markets, new services. A truly momentous disruption that is impossible to ignore. However, fully realizing its potential requires the promotion of sound financial training, something that is currently lacking in Italy.

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Positioning: the attention economy in the age of information overload

Finding a place in the minds of potential customers and reeling in the loyalty of a sceptical, media-bombarded public. This is the positioning strategy

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Marty Walsh, former union leader and President Biden’s Labour Secretary

The Biden administration's new labour secretary, a former mayor of Boston, has an extensive record as a trade union member. He now faces the challenge of post-pandemic job recovery

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