Cinque trend da conoscere per comprendere la transizione ecologica e la green economy

Per affrontare la sfida del cambiamento climatico, è necessario abbracciare il più rapidamente possibile le pratiche green, anche attraverso lo sviluppo di nuovi ruoli e competenze.

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A tricky green conversion in the Italian automotive sector

Our country should stop selling cars with diesel or petrol engines by 2035 and switch to electric cars. New skills, new professional profiles and more research will be needed

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InPa, how public administration’s new Linkedin works

The InPa can be used to participate in tender procedures in the Italian National Recovery and Resilience Plan and also ordinary public procurement processes. An innovative tool developed with the contribution of Almaviva and LinkedIn

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E-sports are a goldmine for new jobs

The video game universe, with its online competitions, represents a market worth nearly €50 million in Italy, also thanks to a fan base of 1.6 million people. Yet now real regulation is needed to make it a sustainable business

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Vittadini: “Character skills are the future direction in the workplace”

The "characteristics of a person relating to the emotional and psycho-social sphere" are becoming increasingly vital in the complex society we currently live in. This is explained by the president of the Foundation for Subsidiarity, who is joint editor of an important publication on this topic.

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The new careers in publishing, between crisis and revival

Readership in Italy increased by 3% during the pandemic, partially driven by digital media, yet this was not enough to decree the end of a decade-long publishing crisis. Publisher Joshua Volpara shares with PHYD what is changing in this sector and how we should imagine its future.

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Le nuove professioni dell’editoria, tra crisi e rinascite

Durante la pandemia in Italia il numero dei lettori è aumentato del 3%, grazie anche ai supporti digitali, ma questo non basta a decretare la fine di una crisi ormai decennale dell’editoria. L’editore Joshua Volpara racconta cosa sta cambiando in questo settore e come dobbiamo immaginarne il futuro

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The teaching profession: post-pandemic skills in demand

The health emergency has also revolutionised the world of education, throwing up challenges that are not easy to deal with, yet at the same time opening up new, unprecedented opportunities. Even the skills expected of teachers today appear to differ to some extent from the past. Here are the essential ones

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